Our Team

Brainworks Solutions’ executive members and managers are spearheading the organisation with aim to provide cost efficient and quality focussed BPO services to its clients in Utility sector.

Ravi Mishra, Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Mishra is Chief Executive Officer at Brainworks Solutions and has secured various US client projects in sectors like Utility supply, Mortgage refinancing, Debt consolidation, Medicare claims etc. Under his guidance, Brainworks Solutions has successfully completed nine years in BPO industry and set to achieve more milestones in years to come.
He has earned his Graduate Degree in Science from Mumbai University in 2002 and has been spearheading multiple organisations with his business development and team building skills.
Apart from Brainworks Solutions, he serves as a key executive member of Pay Less Energy,LLC.
He is also the founder and president of UK Financials private Limited, UK , Algol Africa Limited, Uganda, Hogo Works Solutions Private Limited, India. He heads Hogo Works Solutions since 2005 and has grown it to be amongst the leading BPO service providers in India. He started his career in International trade and BPO sector in 2002 and has successfully owned and managed his businesses with consistent team growth and customer satisfaction.

Mitul Palan , Chief Operation Officer

Mitul Palan is responsible for development of operational,marketing and employment strategies. He sets the goals for company’s product and service offerings and with regular planning and strategies has led the company’s growth in BPO sector.
With more than 17 years of experience ranging from International trade, Equity markets, Export & Import, he has setup a strong and stable team at Brainworks Solutions and delivered results to achieve constant growth and stability in business contracts.
Mr. Palan is graduate from Mumbai University where he received Bachelor in Commerce. He has earned Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade from World Trade Institute, Mumbai, India.

Mayur Sharma - General Manager

Mayur Sharma has been associated with Brainworks Solutions for the past 5 years and has been a key part of the management team. With over 9 years of sales and management experience, he continues to be passionate towards innovations and efficiency in day to day operations.
While heading the operations team at Brainworks, Mayur is responsible for executing the overall marketing strategy of the company and has ensured continuous business growth with consistency through establishment of a structured sales process. By combining a professional yet practical approach he has put strategies in place to put the organization on a pathway to grow revenues and profit while ensuring due cost effectiveness. Leading from the front, he has played a pivotal role towards creating an effective and winning sales team which is known for delivering success!
Mayur has been a keen reader of business books and any other topics that he may find interesting. To escape the cyberspace, he enjoys taking a walk through the park and loves exploring new places during vacations.

Amit Kesarkar - IT analyst

Amit Kesarkar is responsible for overall IT Infrastructure management and keeps a regular check on dialer performance activity at regular interval of time. He is Redhat certified specialist and has played a key role in maintaining more than 99% IT infrastructure uptime during his 7 years long association with our organisation.

Kamaldeep Singh Bhogal - IT administrator -

Kamaldeep Singh is largely responsible for supervision and troubleshooting of any technical issue arising in computer systems, data servers and Vici Dialer system. Through regular liaising and co ordination with various vendors, he has ensured zero defects and negligible downtime within our organisation.
Outside of the industry, he enjoys spending time with his family and is actively involved in sports and fitness.

Nilesh Kshatriya - MIS and Data Analyst

Nilesh Kshatriya is responsible for management and tracking of all intra organisational reports and sharing of accurate performance numbers with all departments. His extensive analysis of all performance reports and development of in-depth MIS documentation has been been instrumental in smooth day to day functioning of various departments.
His contagious optimism and passion make him a welcome energy source for our team.
Away from office, Nilesh is an enthusiastic biker and loves to spend time with his son and family members.